Impact of new regulation on PR applicants on student accomodation market

Government recently changed the regulation on Permanent Residency applicants. It used to be that students who have studied min of 2 years will be assign with some points that they can use towards their application to be a permanent resident of Australia. Now that they radically overhauled the system, for some time, I believe it will temporary affect the number of students who opt to study in Australia. It may not yet affect the market, but I believe it will start to affect the market in March 2010 intake.

My question is, how bad do you think this will affect property prices around university. They have been notoriously overpriced for sometime.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and insights.
Your talking what banks call specialized security, like holidays homes great when the sun shines. My advice is if the security wont work in a normal situation don't buy it. Student apartments are a great idea but if they are not big enough and you don't have the option to ditch the manager, you may not want it. Banks still hate them and I guess with the trouble at the moment, student market is on tender hooks.
Those and normal residential properties in and around the suburb close to universities. In NSW for instance, North Ryde and Marsfield near Macquarie University or Gwynneville and Keiraville near Wollongong University.