In Hot Water!! Help!!

From: J Parker

Hoping someone can help me out here!!
A friend who has just finished renovating returned to find the hot water system (under kitchen cupboard) burst all over the unit yesterday. Floors and cupboard are wrecked- hot water swells fast! She has settled on the place and will have building insurance through the body corp. Will it cover this? Any quick answers from those in the know greatly appreciated...
Cheers, Jacque :)
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From: Jeremy Laws

In my experience Body Corporate will fix the initial damage (ie water damage from shower in unit above not covered, but the leak will be fixed) NOT carpets, cupboards etc. I suspect they would not cover the water heater either - thats usually a personal purchase, esp if it is in the unit itself. Advice - Replace it all, then get it revalued, you'll get your money back that way!
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