Inactive Body Corporate... how to activate?

We purchased our 1st IP (Duplex) at Agnes Water just over 2 years ago.
At that time the RE told us that there was an "Inactive" Body Corporate.
As I had never had anything to do with body Corps before I thought, good... no hassles.

I know the lady who owns the front duplex and we have talked about insurance and other things, and went 1/2 in changing the water meters over to one each unit.

Now we are trying to sell the unit and I have been told that we must have a body corporate... I just want to sell this duplex, I am hoping that someone will have an idea of what to do... And a rough idea on the cost of setting this up, if we have too.

We have both just looked after our own units, and have never had any other problems.

Any help and ideas would be appreciated:confused::confused:...