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From: Fjzn Pseudonym

hi could some one help with a question.
i have found an ip and would like to get it valued so that i wouldn't need to pay mortgage finance at 80% LVR
I belive that it is under valued.Therefore would it be better to
1. tell the finance crew my value/ or
2. seek an independent valuer
any help would be good.

first ip
first post
avid student of forum

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From: Rolf Latham

Hi Fjzn

This is really a matter of finding a broker and/or lender that will go into bat for you on this one. Many lenders (including banks) do not have a definite policy on this issue.

Most mortgage insurers do though, and in that case there is no grey = "value for security purposes will be determined by contract price or valuation, whichever is the lower".

You will be generally told this is not possible, but of course it is, you just have to find a lender that shares your view. Everything is on a case by case basis.

Just last Saturday I again picked up a deal where the contract price and loan was 100 k The "market" value of this unit is closer to 10 k. I am sure I will have no problem finding a lender without the client having to pay LMI.


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From: Fjzn Pseudonym

thanks for the reply.
our finance for this ip is with api will have to ask them,see how flexible they r.
a mortgage lender reads like a good option.
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