Indoor blinds

What is the best type of indoor blinds to keep out the heat.
Venetian, roller blind, shutters.

In my PPOR the family living area is so hot due to the big glass windows and the sliding door. I already have outside shade cloth blinds, and indoor curtains, but I think I need more.

I don't want outside aluminium shutters, as they make the rooms too dark.
We had verosol blinds in one western wall on two bedrooms, which worked well at keeping out the heat, but hopeless if you wanted to open the windows while they were in use.

I think the trick is to stop the sun actually reaching the glass, so the best thing is external blinds.

We took the verosols off after a while and installed aluminium blinds that wound open or shut from inside. They were installed far enough out to allow the windows to open fully and get the breezes. These were fantastic and we kept them open most of the day except for the couple of hours in the afternoon when the sun was on those particular windows. Breezes still came around and under but it stopped the heat even hitting the glass. I would do it again if we had the problem again.

We have just installed aluminium plantation shutters in all our bedrooms and on some french doors downstairs, which are fully secure and I LOVE them, but once closed, the rooms are pretty much black as pitch. One of our windows faces North West so gets a whack of sun and these shutters do block that, but the external blinds would be better (but we didn't want them on this street facing window).
I was just thinking about installing Verosol Blinds to our Kitchen, Meals room and Games room windows. They look nice and it's good to know you're supporting a GREEN company. I was wondering about the opening of windows as I like all the windows open, so will also have a look at aluminium plantation shutters now.

I just googled aluminium plantation shutters. It doesn't look like they can go over doors, so they're not for me.
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Venetians are generally considered to be pretty hopeless, I think (can be pretty to look at though). A roller blind or a roman made with blockout fabric could be the go. We've recently installed a roman blind on a troublesome east-facing window and it's made an enormous difference. Going to buy a couple more for the north-facing ranch-sliders in the same room.
i agree with wylie. You need to stop direct sun from hitting the glass. i would go with outside awnings as my #1 choice. As far as internal blinds, block-out roller blinds would be OK. I am actually going with the blockout honeycomb blinds (like luxaflex duette) inside as they have the best r value for winter but not sure if they would really help much in summer.
In our PPOR we got dual roller blinds

A blockout blind and a transperant blind. It works really well and looks really good and has reduced the heat in the room a bit as well.

We did just install ceiling insulation so that could be making as much of the difference.