Info on the GURU's???



From: Synth Boy

Heh !

I got sidetracked with some music work and haven't had a chance to log on and find out what you all have been yapping about.

I did get a chance to read one of Jan Somers book. (Which was excellent). Plus I am half way through one by a guy called FITZGERALD.
(book is called "Seven steps to Wealth".)

With the likes of Peter Spann, Henry Kaye and a few others..... who have you found to be most "on the ball" ?

I'm interested in ready more books on IP investing. Suggestions?

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From: Wayne Butcher

I've worked with John Fitzgerald and,in fact, have found him the only person worthy of my extended time, attention or money.
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From: Theo Paul

Try...Money Secrets of the John Burley...he's been there done that..!
The others are ok...but John Burley doesn't recommend negative gearing...and I like that...where as most others ( J.Fitzgerald ) actually tell you to negative gear...not for me..!
So I all you can...then go with the one your comfortable with.

See ya. :)
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