Inner city or house and land Perth?

I am having massive analysis paralysis! Previously we have bought IPs that we could afford..House and land kelmscott (possibly dev site) and beach unit in shoalwater

We have had some gains so have taken out 100k from those we have a budget of 500k (bank said they would give us a mill but that is ridiculous!!)

I orginally thought inner city unit as we have propeties north south and east but nothing in the 5km radius of the city...NOW i am soo confused and am looking at house and land beechborro/mirrabooka/marangaroo/girrawheen...

What are peoples thoughts? I would like something i can get a yield of 5% and of course potential of capital gains? There are sooooooo many options I cant narrow it down...Girrawheen is riduculously priced for something that has been supposed to be happening for years! Whereas swan council seem more proactive in their targeting zoning changes??
start with the end. what do you want to achieve long term?

then work backwards.

My two cents,

why are you looking at further exposure to Perth residential?

What made you choose 5% yield? Is that gross or nett? What is important about diversification geographically? (as in east and south of perth)
Sometimes it seems like analysis paralysis because you're looking and nothing good comes up. Perth is a bit like that for me at the moment.

There's nothing wrong with sticking to your criteria and just waiting for something to come along.
manufacture your equity and you are ahead of the game. 5% yield should be unavoidable so you may need to set that criteria a bit higher - on a new build you may push it up a couple of points