Inner West PM and renting out PPOR

Hey all

I am looking to rent out my PPOR and am looking for experiences with property mangers in the inner west of sydney around Stanmore.

If anyone has experience with someone who was particularly good, or a PM i should perhaps steer clear of I would love to hear it.

I had a search of this forum but hadn't seen it discussed before, but if i missed a thread somewhere please let me know.

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A good PM I use in Burwood NSW

I have 3 IP's in Burwood and Strathfield and use the same PM. He has moved a couple of times to different RE's over the 15 years I have known him, so I move with him. He may stretch to Stanmore but cannot be certain.
If you PM me I will give you his details. I would recommend him.
thanks depreciator i will give him a ring.

what do you guys think about properties with no antenna? I don't watch tv so have never bothered with the expense. There is a cable hookup in the lounge room so if the tennants wanted tv they could just get cable. Everyone I know who has tv has cable anyway. Do you think this is reasonable?
For inner west I use Grace Healey at Kelly & Sons, Newtown. About 6% + GST.

I haven't needed any special treatment, but they have been reliable.