Inner West Sydney, Not Very Nice Place

the food is cheaper in Ashfield and Auburn. I also visited Ashfield recently. I compared some basic prices of meat.

Rump Steak at local Asian butcher in Burwood was $9,95 a kilo up to 2 months ago, since then it's $11.95

In Ashfield and Auburn the price was still $9.95

BUt how did it compare to the prices at Aldi or the big two supermarkets?
BUt how did it compare to the prices at Aldi or the big two supermarkets?

I have not seen Rump steak at either coles or woolworths below $14 for a long time and that was a special. Aldi used to sell it for $9.95 and probably still do.

Rump steak is a good measure of a local economy ;)
I have lived here for about 6 months now and I have to say I don't like this part of Sydney at all. I have lived in various places in Sydney and this would be my least favorite besides when I moved to Belmore after I arrived back from overseas where I grew up as a kid although I was born in north of Sydney. When I was overseas as I grew up I used to picture Sydney and Australia as this place with great surf beaches, lots of blonde girls and a friendly and laid back place. I seen some of that when visiting places like Manly or Northern beaches or even when I lived in Bondi it was not so bad.

Where I live now in Inner west it's the total opposite and I had to go to Auburn recently and it was worse there. What I don't like is the unfriendly and arrogant attitudes of many of the people that live there. Most seem to be immigrants or speak little English. I ask for directions and they ignore you but there is always the odd friendly person that gives you some hope.

The streets I seen in Auburn were dirty, the houses ugly and not maintained, the streets look like people hate the place, filthy and it's like no once cares.

What a disappointment Sydney is. There are many places like that in Sydney.

Hi guys, I found this post whilst browsing and having worked at Auburn for over a year or so for one of the banks I can see first-hand why the majority of you might have a somewhat negative opinion on the place. All valid of course, your opinion is your opinion - there is no right or wrong.

In saying so - please be aware that Auburn is a designated settlement area for refugee and humanitarian entrants and as a result has a HUGE disparity of nationalities. The largest and most visible racial groups are Turkish, Lebanese, Sudanese, Afghani and increasing numbers of Chinese. English isn't really a language to be heard much.

If you walk down Auburn Rd on any given day, there is always plenty of activity - be careful when you cross the roads (never is there a greater need to look in BOTH directions) and the choice of food is fantastic. Plenty of cash money going around as well - but that's for another day.

As this is a property investment forum, a word on property. As a lender I've seen a fair bit of activity in this space and the associated valuations during my time there. Large number of houses have exceeded the $1m mark. Even a run-down weatherboard (renovate or detonate) 3bdr will fetch mid800s and above in this market. Two-storey brick, 4bdr+, closeish to Auburn Rd will fetch $1.4m and above.

There is plenty of new developments coming online, DA's for subdivisions with council and a big focus on buying big blocks of land, knocking it down and build build build.

I have friends at the local police station and they hate the place, crime is a big issue at Auburn - especially domestic violence. Although they have said that alot of the riffraff have either sold or relocated themselves so its changing I'm guessing.

My own personal opinion on the property market is that the market has moved significantly already (where in Sydney has it NOT) and I certainly would not buy there soon. Although it does have great potential (the supply/demand equation), the tenant quality is poor. On this point though the majority of the RE agencies are very established having been in the area over 15/20yrs and I haven't really heard anything negative about any of them. Can't comment on the PM's.

On a finishing note - I don't know where the Inner West starts and finishes nor do I care - if I had to compare apples with apples, I'd probably lump Lidcombe, Auburn, Berala, Regents Park together as a sort-of limboland between Parra and Strathfield
Homebuy, have you given the Druitt a think out?

Less racial mix than other places. 500K will set up you up nicely on decent sized suburban block.

(disclosure: I own property in the Druitt and it may persuade my judgement....but only slightly lol)