Inspection - Couldn't access roof space

During a recent building and pest inspection the inspector couldn't access the roof space because a)the kitchen cupboards blocked the ladder and we're to weak to stand on and because b) the roof space in the area was very shallow.
The inspector presumed that there should have been another entry point but that at some point its been covered up.

So my question: How do I proceed now - what are my options? Arrange with the agent to get access again and take a builder to see if he can access in order to assess the condition?

The house is pre-war and the inspection was otherwise relatively good. Commented "that its a good, solid condition for it's age".
Some traces of older minor termite damage to the 2 of the 3 remaining timber stumps and sub floor (treated about 15 years apparently - no paperwork) and damage to a concrete stump due to poor drainage i one area.

Request an invasive inspection in which a section of the roof covering will be removed in order to gain entry and then reaffixed afterwards.
This is only possible if the property is single storey.
You could either go with your original inspector if happy,or go elsewhere,but it is important that building and timber pest are completed simultaneously.
Should not cost more than $300.00 in normal circumstances.
If it's a tiled roof, get them to remove 4 tiles and slide on in.

Easy enough,however ensure relevant paperwork for invasive inspection is completed to comply with AS 4349.1 or findings will not be legally valid, you will not be covered for any damage that may occur and person carrying out inspection will not be insured in event of electrocution e.t.c

Why cut corners for $300.00.....