Inspection report explanation regarding footing

Going again through my recently acquired IP's Building report, I need some suggestions on certain areas.

The report says this about the Footings:
-The building is constructed on a combination of strip footings and piers.
- Evidence of minor subsidence was noted to the footings.
- There appears to have been some settlement in the building which has caused some cracking to the front foundation walls.
- This crack can be controlled and eliminated by installing some additional piers to the front section of the building.

Since, this is an old (50+ yo) house and the plan is to demolish and subdivide in the future, should I be concerned about the footing issue and get it fixed or leave it as it is?
Depends on how long before you bulldose.

If it's in the next 5 years then don't bother doing anything. In all likelihood the cracks have been there for 10> years.

If you don't end up redeveloping then you will need to do something at some point in time.

I had some issues with settling and cracks below a window in a little terrace in Newtown Syd, and we started getting leaking issues when it rained.

$3k later we replaced footings (they had to go down a few metres) and with the new concrete path on a section of about 2m of wall - expensive but the property will be there for the long haul.

Hope this helps
Jane Slack-Smith