Installing a dishwasher in a unit

Hi,I've promised my tenant a dishwasher in the 2 bedroom unit they rent.Has anyone done this themselves?. I assume I may need to hire a plumber and also an electrician. I'm not even sure who builds the space under the sink.Maybe there's one person who does all three jobs,if anyone knows.
Carpenter or cabinet maker to make adjustments (removal?) to the cupboards.
Electrician to install a power point if there is none under the sink.
Plumber to hook it up.
Hopefully you have wires and plumbing running in the right areas, so you don't need to tear out the whole kitchen in order to put the points in the right spot.

I was ripping the whole kitchen out when I added mine, so it wasn't an issue. Would have been impossible any other way though. They needed to chase wires into the brick from above the benchtop to below it - would be a ***** (maybe not even possible?) to do it without removing the benchtop.

A cheaper alternative may be a 'mobile' dishwasher. Essentially a dishwasher on castors that gets wheeled up to the sink and the hoses 'clip' onto a special tap connection.
We had a set-up like this for some years when we were renting various properties as tenants (but it was our dishwasher that went with us).
mobile dishwasher? I have one in my kitchen, I like it

edit also have mobile washing machine with same connection, like it too
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You also used to be able to get 'benchtop' diswashers. They are little things you can sit on thhe bench. But this was a couple of years ago now, not sure if they are still around.
ANyone have any idea of how much rent increase would be added by installing a dishwasher?



Two tenths of bugger all, in my experience.
Some IP's are of a standard and location in which a dishwasher is de rigeur. So it's not a question of how much extra rent you will get but will you be able to attract a tenant at all.
Other, more pedestrian IP's, often won't have one as there isn't an expectation that there will be one installed. In which case, you won't really attract any (or much) extra rent and you have to outlay for another piece of equipment that the tenant can misuse or will result in expensive repairs down the track.
I've conducted opens for all my IP's. Nobody has ever said "where's the dishwasher"?