Insurance Claim - Recent Thunderstorm Damage

Wondering if anyone has received repair bills related to the recent wild weather in Sydney?

According to my PM, a corner of the roof collapsed at one of my western Sydney properties during last week's storm. Apparently, structure needs repair and tenant is seeking rent kickback from water damage. Tiles, ceiling and gyprock work amounts to a $2,000 bill.

Currently everything is covered by rent, and insurance claim is being handled by PM, but I will keep updating any progress. May finally get some 1st hand feedback on insurance!

P.S Mine is with EBM.
One of my properties had storm damage in December. We were stuffed around by tenants and then the PM and all trades in the town closed for three weeks, but once I put in the claim to EBM, it was sorted within about a week. I'll find out later in the year what they do to our premiums though.