Insurance for a block of flats

We have a block of five flats in Brisbane, they are not strata titled.

Last year our insurance increased by $400 as a result of NRMA tacking on flood coverage. The building is on top of a hill, so this is not required at all but flood coverage has become non opt-out for their building policies.

We have just received the renewal for the next twelve months - with another $500 increase, taking it to nearly $2200.

I have just spent the morning trying to get quotes and found that all four companies I tried don't offer cover on this type of property.

Anyone able to point us in the right direction to save my ear from hours of on hold music? This type of building is not that uncommon, so there must be companies willing to cover them.

Thanks in advance

I have cover through Westpac for similar property however my units are located in Sydney. I left CGU a couple of years back for excessive price hikes to their premiums

There aren't a lot of insurers that tackle multi's on one title. You could try using an insurance broker.
I have a set of five,not strata titled,in NSW.
I have them with EBM insurance brokers.
Sum insured 500K with $1000 week loss of rent for up to 52 weeks.,
It also has $50K contents as well.
30 million Liability
Its called householders Rental,
Total cost is $1208
I have made a few more inquiries, Wesfarmers indicated they may be able to cover (subject to), but the premium would be more than $3000.

I spoke to the branch manager and he advised me to stick with the NRMA policy, even though it doesn't include landlord insurance which their policy would. He indicated we would have difficulty getting coverage with any company because the building is half brick and half timber, and because of the age of the building (built 1934, rewired 1964, new switchboard 2010).

And also because it isn't professionally managed? Which didn't make sense to me, we are there every couple of weeks so have a much better idea of what is going on than a PM who maybe sees it once every three months.

So turns out that our premium is not that expensive - in the current market. Because of the length of time we have held the policy, no claim bonus, discounts because of multiple policies and 50+ age etc, there are total discounts of +$1200. (Coverage is for $916k building + 91k contents).

But a $900 increase still hurts... Stupid weather