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From: Paula Dee

In a previous post Robert mentioned that an official declaration of war voids all insurance policies. Can someone tell me where this is written as fact because I rang my insurance company, and they would not give me a straight answer. They just said that if a bomb fell on our house we would not be covered but other "non war" claims such as car smashing into our house etc will. I am confused. Also, when is a declaration of war official? Are we at war now? If so are all our policies void?

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From: Sergey Golovin


Couple of points here -

1. We are not at war no the America - They are defending them selves.

2. Even during the war you can insure your self (if you happened to go to war zone - like let say war correspondent). Will cost you fortune but it can be done.

I think human life is about $250K by average/current/standard/normal/everyday/no frills insurance (?). In regards to the property, well I do not know, probably worthless. Check with insurance company.

Let us know if you had any luck.

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From: Paul Zagoridis

I don't think Robert said it voids all policies. At least I don't remember him saying that.

Most property insurance have standard exclusions for Acts of War, floods (and used to be Acts of God).

So if some unnamed country wages war on Australia and your IP get's bombed then you are probably out of luck.

If during said war, an Australian Army truck crashes into your IP, you're insured.

Paul Zag
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