Insurance - your ideas, experiences?

Not sure where this should go.
Bought a second property. Tried to get it insured with Aami (I have car insurance and PPOR insured with them) but when I mentioned that it might be a holiday rental, lady said that they didn't do them!

Is this a known thing? I wonder if i should call them again and talk to a different person. But she seemed quite sure.

We're not actually sure what to do with the place. I think for the first 3 months we might make the occassional visit to do up the place. So most of the time it will be unoccupied.

Then we would either put it up for 6 month or 1 year rental, or do the holiday rental thing.

Question is, how do we keep properly insured whilst doing all of this?

It occurred to me that if somebody got insurance with Aami expecting it to be rented 12 monthly and then at some point switched to holiday rental, they might not think of letting their insurance company know. And then if house burned down, they might have trouble with their claim

Any ideas/thoughts very welcome. Especially if anybody is doing holiday rental and is happy with their insurance company

Many thanks