Integral Energy vs Energy Australia

I got a knock yesterday from an Energy Australia representative offering a 5% discount on our currnet Integral Energy and AGL rates if we shift our billing to them (we would still be in the Integral Energy and AGL network if I understood correctly).

Our electricity rates were up more than 20% from last July so every discount is definitely welcomed. The downside is there'll be a 2-year contract and a termination fee if breached. If we'll move to another house within the period of the contract, our fees will be refunded if the place we moved into can be serviced by Energy Australia; if not we don't get anything back.

I'm not worried about the contract period but a bit curious on what the actual "catch" is. There's a 10-day cooling off period so I'm doing research and seems to be a non-issue at all (rates between the two companies shown by the representative are current). Has anybody here experienced the same? What's the pros and cons of this?