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From: James C


I’m currently evaluating my first IP and I’m looking at all the factors. I’m interested in what rates people are getting for interest only loans and any tips for getting the best loan.

Cheers James
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From: Rolf Latham

Hi James

My usual answer

If you want tax advice see a tax adviser

If you want medical advice see a medical specialist

So if you require help with a mortgage, then a specialist in that field would be most helpful. Seek out the services of an independent mortgage broker.


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From: Sam Vannutini

Broker wanted.
Must be pro active themselves, and fully independant.
If you don't invest in property, or are creative with numbers, then don't reply.
I also don't want someone who recomends products just because it pays well.
If your the best, then send me some mail.
Will pay brokerage for the right stuff.
Oh, must be in Melbourne.
Regards, Sam.
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