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From: Anonymous

The latest (today) from NAB chief economist Alan Oster is that he expects interest rates to rise by 0.75% March 2002.

Starts to make those 6.99% 5 year rates look good. Time to lock in what do you think? :)
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From: Donna Larcos

When I bought my first house in 1983 the
interest rate was 11%. I had a 13% Home
Starter ceiling and watched everyone's
rise to 17% so I must say I am not getting
really excited about interest rates
puddling around 6-7%. I've been reading
Harry Dent's book suggested by
someone on this forum and found it
fascinating. If we take his advice on board
it would appear that we are unlikely to get
these astronomical interest rates until the
next entrepreneurial generation racks up
the inflation again. To me 6.99% looks
good too. NAB was offering that for 10
years about 6 mths ago. I'm kind of
wishing I had loans maturing then.
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From: Astro Boy

Harry Dent's Book?

Not one I have heard of Donna....

what is the focus of this one?

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From: Donna Larcos

Harry Dent "The Roaring 2000s"

Economic theorist who feels that
economic boom and bust cycles are
entirely predictable up to 50 years ahead.
I feel like I've been given the answers to
an exam!! A very interesting read.
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