Interest rates

From: Robert Forward

I dare say we will find out tonight, not if they are going to drop rates, but by how much, will the US FEDS (Greenspan) drop rates by.

Most "economists" are expecting a 0.5% drop in interest rates over there. My thoughts are that the RBA will only drop ours rates by 0.25% if the US drop by 0.5%.

Now if the US drop their rates by more then 0.5% we just may see a larger drop by the RBA in the next few weeks when they meet again. Another leading contributor that will have the RBA moving rates down will be the demise of Ansett and other companies that Ansett owed monies to with the associated increase in unemployment.


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From: Crystal .

The US announced a 0.5% interest rate drop just one hour before the New York Stock Exchange opened for trading!
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