Interesting ( and refreshing) article in PMs newsletter

I just received my monthly PMs newsletter ad was interested to see the article below.


Both Claire and Kerryn are working hard to keep the arrears at a minimum, The problem that we are now facing is some of our owners do not want to upset their tenants.
Please realise that if we go to court with a tenant who we have allowed to get too far into arrears because of nice owners you will not be awarded the rent you are owed as the judge feels that the tenants are being disadvantaged by being allowed to build up a large debt. By guided by your property manager. She really is working on your behalf.

A nice proactive stance
I'm not a nice property owner, if they get in arrears they get a notice. If the rent should be going up it goes up even if they are a good tenant. I am doing nobody any favours by letting them stay for free or at reduced rent, especially myself.

It's good to see the PM's being proactive.
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