Interesting contract? Is this normal?

Looking at a contract at the moment and I have an interesting question which I am not sure on....

We are buying the property from a company XYZ, but I dont see company XYZ declared on form 27... I see company ABC listed instead. Should I be concerned?

Just realized that it is not very clear.. the section i am referring to is the commission part.
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Your question is very unclear.

The entity receiving payment should be the agent you are purchasing through on the 27c. You said you're buying from company XYZ, does this mean XYZ is the agent or XYZ is the vendor of the property?

If XYZ is the agent and they are not the entity receiving the comms, just ask them why that's the situation. Keep in mind that a trading name may also be different. ABC might be their company name.

At the end of the day i wouldn't be concerned at all. You're not paying the comms and it shouldn't concern you who is. The agent has a duty to obtain the maximum price for the vendor regardless so there isn't anything too shady that could be going on imo.