Interesting conundrum with tenant

Spoke to the agent a short time ago. Went in my favour. She has been ordered that she must vacate by the 24th Oct. she must continue to pay rent until she vacates (so if she leaves earlier then she only pays up to that date). The court also ordered her to pay $20 per week until the outstandinf rent is caught up (current approx $1800). Agent has received the bind back from the bond board. I instructed her to not apply it to rent until she has vacated and we can check for damage etc. if property is ok then apply to outstanding rent.

New tenants are happy to wait now they have a finalisation date.

Apparently it wasnt an easy hearing duebto the damily restraint orders but the magistrate called the court and the solicitors to sort some things out before making his ruling.

Now we just wait to make sure she vacates. :) i am pleased i have a resolution for now instead of it being in limbo.

Thanks everyone for your support.

Ps sorry for the typos... On my phone
Mins, congratulations (if that's the right word in this situation). I'm glad that things went your way, and it gives me a little bit of confidence in the justice system.