Interior Designer Perth?

Hi guys

Can anyone recommend an interior designer in Perth? A family member is currently building a 3 storey home in Mullaloo and whilst we've got the planning and building all sewn up, he'd like an interior designer to help select colours, furniture, fittings etc.

Being a planner I see alot of the bigger picture stuff, but not to much relating to the finer detail. We've contacted a few architects but they all charge 3-4% of the total cost (i.e.$50k+) but most of the work has already been done so someone that charges by the hour would be preferable.

Thanks in advance
Some of our clients have had worked with Felicia Olsen from Lifestyle Design.

However, I would speak to a few that are referred on the basis of good service and then go through their portfolio of work and settle on one that has a style which identifies with your taste.