Internal Plastered Brick Wall Repairs

Hi Forumites,

Here in the West most of our housing is constructed in Double brick external walls & the internal walls are constucted in single brick that been rendered then plastered.

Problem with this method is the internal walls dont stand up to knocks without them chipping and leaving gouges on the corners. Does anyone have any repair tips how to fill the walls and get a good professional looking finish with the same curve appearence on the corners.

I use polly filla on the flat areas of the wall then paint but cant get the curved finish on the corners. The dammage areas are 50-75mm long.
Hi Rixter,

Hardware stores sell little plastic trowels that have a curve on 1 side especially for this job.

Hi Rixter,

Just built a house exactly as you describe.

Without prompting, the builders put a metal curved edge running from floor to ceiling on 95% of the internal brick wall corners.

After 2 months living, the 5% without the metal edge have chunks knocked out. The other 95% are undamaged.

I've been thinking about putting a metal edge on these damaged corners too, cause I know any repair job will eventually need to be repeated.

cheers, Tony

hi all.
rixter i have done a bit of hardwall over the years and would say that if youre not experienced with plaster dont use it . it needs to be put on at the right consistency and trowled off at the right time.
i would recommend you use one of the sandable bogs used for the building game one with a fine consistency.
if the dammage is 50mm long , with one of those wooden or fibreglass concreters floats with the sandpaper attached sand the bog out, this is the tricky bit , use a very light pressure on the handle and let the float be guided by the good parts of the plastered corner top and bottom of the dammage. you cant do this with plaster because its too hard and wont sand easily ( try not to rub into the plaster that is good . the bog will be tough enough. try it with spak/polly filler and see how you go its become much more sandable nowdays. if you go for the bog wich is pretty much the same thing i suppose, make sure its compatible with render and plaster.
youll never match it with a corner tool unless youre doing the whole corner or youre very good (my opinion glenn). corner beads are great tonyd
we used them always but be carefull, dislodging the bead with a hard knock will mean replacing the whole corner their is no other sollution. hope this helps 'dook' bunbury.
Hi Rixter

We use the base coat plaster or if in a hurry cornish cement, overfill the corner and then sand back to a round corner. Seems to hold even after tenants have occupied for a while.