International Baccalaureate vs HSC

IB is great if your kid wants to go to Uni O/seas, or you are an expat that is regularly relocating with secondary school aged children. In Oz, not so much.
They usually need SATs. You can complete the TEE but you will still need a SAT score.

This is for ivy leagues.

Oxbridge can/will take your state based score direct.

Thanks for that. Very useful.

I imagine very few Aussie kids end up doing the SAT. Could be useful if one wants to attend a world class university.
There is a lot more work involved in the IB. Both my daughters went to a school that offered the IB. Some students found it too onerous and changed over. I have heard the SAT is fairly easy. From what I have seen, our schools are about two years ahead of US schools. During the uni years they catch up.