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Hello investors,

I am trying to build a database of internet sites selling property in Melbourne, other than your conventional real estate agent sites. Does anyone know of other good sites to find property for sale?


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From: Louie Langov

Don't even waste your time looking through net ads, they are totally unreliable. You spend a few hours researching, ring the agents and find out the property sold 3 months ago!
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From: Sergey Golovin

It's cool. Do not worry too much about it, Louie.

He is just doing a research on market.
Which is integrated part of whole process.

Ads are there not to sell but get you into the shop, same as supermarkets in town.

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From: Sergey Golovin

Only thing is that it was not a bad site.

But now they have done something to it, created too many cookies or something - which do collect all sorts of information about you and your machine and sends it back to the master, and it probably so many of them there now that my machine refuses to except it, refuses to communicate with that site.
Red light is flashing and alarm goes they say.

Maybe they want to know how many properties do you want to buy or something. I do not know. Cannot even go shopping anymore. What a shame.

Oh well, we have to find other means as they say.

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