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From: Glenn M

Just wondering whether those people who have bought Investment Properties interstate sourced the finance in the state that they live, or did you gain Finance from a bank etc. in the state you bought in?

Did you have any problems with either alternative?

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From: Mark Brokenshire

Most banks and many lending institutions operate nationally so it is no problem going through local sources. If you invest overseas it is easier to use banks in the location you are investing to avoid trouble with currency differences.

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From: Glenn Mott

While living in Sydney, I was able to refinance properties held in Perth through CBA.

It took a bit of extra time but was completed.

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From: Mark Pardi

Should be no problem with any bank financing any property in Australia

subject to their lending criteria of course

all good

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From: See Change

This is a situation where a good Mortgage broker can help you.

In some situations some banks will not lend in certain states , depending on the property.

see change

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