Investing at Lalor Park

Hi guys,

New to Sydney and investment here.
Wanted to know if I am doing the right thing- Planning to buy a 4 B/R as IP for 380K range at Lalor park. Do you think its a good deal to go ahead and buy it? Most of reno is actually done though there is scope for lots of improvement. Would be glad if someone could help me out here.

Hi there,

There is a lot of older housing commission housing in Lalor park. Crime is fairly highly, break enters are fairly regular which will affect insurance costs etc ? Lalor park near Sunnyholt Road and back towards vardy's road better IMHO. The closer to Kings langely you can get it better.

Not a complete dead end but I dont think I would be paying that sort of money seriously. Better value in Wentworthville, Northmead , old toongabbie......

Good luck with it....
HiNot a complete dead end but I dont think I would be paying that sort of money seriously. Better value in Wentworthville, Northmead , old toongabbie......

You'll struggle to find a house at $380K in Northmead.

If looking in around lalor park try and find something with a big block for future development.
or do what i did and go buy around mt druitt station. westfields, hospital, train station and also cheaper than lalor park
Thanks for the reply guys.
This is closer to Kings Langley and I am thinking more in terms of the future. I was thinking about the closeness to Kings Langley, Baulkham hills etc and considering that slowly the old fibro housing is phasing out, it might be wise to invest on a larger block now.
Thanks for the other options as well. Will think about them too. Let me know of any further thoughts.
Lalor Park

Sounds like it must be reasonably nice for that money in are probably going to need a 2-income family renting the place, most likely. If they have city jobs, transport is an issue there. The most attractive station in terms of frequency of trains is Blacktown but the catch is, there is virtually no parking to speak of there (unless they have built something amazing in the last few years). And it's pretty horrible (one of my cars was broken into and set fire to near the station there, in broad daylight at 3pm on a weekday). Probably the nearest station to Lalor Park with any chance of parking is Seven Hills, which has a really big but really creepy parking station and some on the street, neither are an attractive option if your car is anything better than my Hyundai (which has not been torched, as I moved to leafier climes!) And also, the trains stopping are less frequent at Sevo than Blacktown. Then there is the privately run bus line to the city that heads North..notoriously difficult to use - expensive, overcrowded and you usually unless you are lucky, have to drive to get to the stop in the first place. In short, it is a fraught place to be trying to live a half decent life. Having said all that, thousands of people do put up with it all. Can't help thinking though you would be better off, as said by others here, sticking to somewhere in walking distance of a station on the main line between City and Penrith, this is the line where trains are most frequent. Probably don't go beyond Doonside though.
Believe me, after standing most of the way home in an overcrowded peak hour train from the city, all an exhausted westie wants to do is fall off the bloody thing and walk home. They don't want to have the insult to injury of having to join a traffic queue as well.