Investing in a unit on the Sunshine Coast

Good day all

I live in Victoria, but each Christmas/New Year I spend a week in a unit on the headland at Caloundra, and another week at my in-laws house on the outskirts of Caloundra. I hope to retire in about 12 - 15 years, and would like to spend a few months living on the Sunshine Coast during the southern winter, each year.

The question I would like feedback on is whether it is wise to invest in a 2 bedroom unit in the Caloundra to Maroochodore area since there are so may of them amd it may be difficult to rent out during the 51 weeks I am not using it. I intend to check the market out this Christmas, but would appreciate any thoughts.
You have certainly picked a beautiful part of the world to look at. I think you will find that a nicely positioned property will have good rental return most of the year. That part of the world is becoming more and more popular. Hope this helps.