Investing in Uncertain Times



From: Mark Leigh

I am considering my options regarding investing and comparing shares v property. My concern with investing in property (& my logic may not be correct)is with the world scene so unstable & with opinions ranging from this being a relatively local conflict all the way to WWIII (& inbetween), investing large amounts of money in property at the moment could be unwise. It makes me want to sit back (for who knows how long) or lean toward smaller investments in shares/managed funds. I would appreciate any thoughts of your members. Thanks
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From: Crystal .

Hi Mark,
If you'd like to be convinced that property investment walks all over the stock market read Real Estate Riches by Dolf De Roos. This book details compelling reasons why you should choose property over shares. It motivates in the same manner as Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.
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From: Nigel W


With respect, I would have thought the reverse is true when your investing locale is Australia.

Touch wood, but we'd have to be one of the safest bets around in terms of property! Companies crumble and lose value - not always for rationale reasons, (see QBE for example) and are affected by world economic and other events. But the chances of your Australian residential properties out in the 'burbs being adversely affected in the medium to long term by the current uncertain world climate is, I suggest, about as like as Penguins from Antartica taking over Tasmania...

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From: R S


Lets face it, there will be no WW3. If there will be one, all of us will be dead. It will be a nuclear destruction. I believe investing in shares at the moment is very volatile, thus more riskier. There is less risk to no risk in properties. I believe it's great to invest in properties at the moment as interest rates are low. Also, diversify your investments into shares, properties and management funds.

good luck
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From: Rolf Latham

QBE up 9 % today

What a bargain that was when it was being dumped !


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