investment clubs - are they the way to go?



From: Anonymous

Dear all,

Unlike the majority of the people on the forum here, I know very little about investing in property. I have a busy life style and do lots of travelling with work. This means that I have very little time to devote for searching for the "right property"
A work colleague of mine suggested that I attend a meeting of one of those property investment clubs as they help people find a property.
Before I do that what are the traps with joining one of these clubs? Do they actually assist the prospective buyer or are they in the game to line their own pockets?
Do any of the posters to this forum have any experiences (good or bad) of such clubs?
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From: Geoff Whitfield


There are investment clubs. But if you're talking about the "Investors Club", that's another matter. They are actually a company, making profits as all good companies do. Search in the archive for comments.

There's various opinions of them, good and bad.

They do (or at least they did the last time I looked) tend to promote Brisbane property. That might not be your aim.

I looked at them at one stage- and decided to do some of the hard yards myself instead. I learnt a lot more in the process that way. But they can be good for people starting out.

(btw, you're better not to be Anonymous- it's considered good forum etiquette to identify yourself)
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From: Silver Ghost

Geoff - about the Anon bit - maybe he is a little shy of declaring himself - maybe he's a real estate agent who has never bought a property in his life, or an airline pilot planning on buying a little love nest for his girlfriend or maybe he sells vacuum cleaners door to door and is planning on doing a runner from the Mrs.

What are everybody's general opinions about Anonymous postings, anyway? I couldn't care less myself - it's what they contribute that's important, not their identity.

SG (nom-de-plume, not anon!)
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From: Les .

Silver Ghost,

Thank you for choosing to use a nom-de-plume - it prevents a string that could conceivably look like this:-

1. Is it financially better to purchase an IP before your own home? - Anon

2. Yeah, and something I'd like to know is "Does the FHOG apply to the purchase of IP's?" - Anon

3. I reckon if the RBA lifts rates, the answer is a definite "Yes!" - Anon

4. Huh? How can you say that would have any effect at all? - Anon

5. I don't think you can do that if you've owned a home before - Anon

6. I said in my question "before your own home" - wouldn't you think that means I haven't owned one before? - Anon

7. Get a good broker - Anon

8. Yeah, that's next - but first would someone please answer my question - Anon

9. And what was your question? Who are you? - Anon



I believe "nom-de-plumes" are the MINIMUM we can request. I don't care if you use your own name, or not. Just give us something that identifies YOU from the other faceless people that post.

Who said "Les" was my real name anyway ;^)



- "Eschew Obfuscation" - ;^)

PS - Anon, click on "Property Investor Archive" and follow your nose. Mike has grouped relevant postings under the same title i.e. "Investor Clubs" - thanks, Mike
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From: Anonymous

Hi Anon,

Maybe a buyer's advocate might come in handy for you. You know, those people who do the hunting for you after you give them the specs of what you're looking for.

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From: Geoff Whitfield


I'd prefer to see at least an email address on a post. Minimum. That way, if I happened to feel something a little more than what I said in public, I could post privately.

My public liability insurance does not cover public posts on a forum.

But, as has been said before, it's nicer to be able to address a person by the title they have chosen for themselves.
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From: Felicity W.

Hi Anon
Personally I don't care so much about the Anon thing (although a nom de plume makes it easier to work out who you're talking to!) it's the inference that many of us on the forum aren't busy! Hmmmm... ;-)
Anyway, to answer the actual question...
I bought one of my first investment properties through National Property Investors here in Melbourne. It was located in Brisbane. Yes, they got a commission for helping me locate the deal. But at the time I wanted something in Brisbane, and didn't plan to go and do the hard work myself, so I was happy with that. The valuations stacked up, and on my trip to Brisbane I hired my own car, stayed with friends, and did lots of independent research to make sure it was all okay - it was. Great property, always rented within days of someone leaving, the property manager they recommended was first rate, they even suggested a solicitor who I've since seen recommended by many other people whose opinion I respect. Another thing I liked (and made me choose them in the first place!) was the fact that at their information night they talked about the what ifs - you know, what if interest rates rise, what if you can't get a tenant... something I've yet to hear any other group mention.
Anyway, perhaps it wasn't the best/cheapest way to buy property, and I've moved on to doing it for myself since, but a very positive experience for me. I've since recommended them to friends who have also bought properties and been very happy - particularly with the capital growth in the last year. I think it's a case of - if you want to be an "armchair investor" you have to accept you'll pay a little more, but in the end if you're getting what you want, that's okay.
so that's my twenty cents worth.
Keep smiling
Felicity :cool:
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From: PT Bear

I've looked at a few groups which find property for people. I even personally know a few people who run a company that does this.

At the end of the day, it still comes down to due diligence. There are companies which do a great job and there are others that are sharks. Some of the people working for really know their stuff and others have no clues at all. You basically need to know what you're buying into.

I looked into using someone else initially, but decided that as this is a long term strategy for me, I'd be better off doing it for myself from the start. My mistakes are my own and I've leant from them - as are my successes.

For the people who do use a third party successfully - good for them. If it suits their strategy and circumstances, then they're making the right decision too.


"Have fun, be successful, make lots of money, be someone who makes a difference, and above all else, don't forget the view."
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