Investment fund or property??

Hi Community,

This is my first thread so hi everyone... i need a bit of advice im in two mind if i should invest in property or stay in my invest fund im in atm i make about 15k year on my investment and get tax about 2k on that ..... question is if u had 300k what would u do with it in all ur experience u have had??
An investment fund or a property will both do fine - if you choose the right one and pay the right price for it. Either option could do really baddly too.

Your question is far too open ended to get any sensible answer.

Bringing tax into it is irrelivant unless you're willing to disclose all the information on your past and proposed tax returns.
Agree with Pete and the way, this "invest fund" is it a managed fund? If so, income aside, have you actually preserved your capital or has it been eroded by market volatility? If so, how does this sit with you and your risk tolerance?

Most (not all) of the Australian resi property market has seen softening over the last two years. Remembering you're dealing with a far less liquid asset than managed funds (or whatever you're invested in) how does that sit with you if further softening occurs and you are holding a lower valued asset for a few years?

Do you have 300 K invested in a fund and getting 15 K per annum. That's 5 %. You can get that in a bank and more. We aren't in an inflationary environment so your dollars aren't losing value for now. Looks like you'll get the same yield roughly (albeit it gross) from resi property for the most part and with growth upside potential in the future. Then again, you are able to leverage your purchase by borrowing so your 300 K could be used as deposits on two or three resi investment properties assuming you can service the loans, thereby increasing your returns and growth exposure.

More specific info about your situation may help, however remember this is an internet forum and NOTHING you read here should be construed as advice. It is mere opinion and to give you some info to ask further more specific questions.