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From: Mammo's Grub

Hi to everyone.
I am new to property investing and was after some help in the area. I would like to use property as my main path of investment.
I have been reading investment books, going to gatherings and visiting chat rooms to collect information and get help.
I am currently seeking a financial advisor who is involved in property investment to help me get underway. I have seen a couple, but neither of which have much to do with the property investment game, so could only offer advise in their area of expertise.
If anyone is willing to help me, or knows of someone who could (as either a financial advisor or even a mentor in this area), please contact me on [email protected] or reply to this post.
Thank you,
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From: Robert Forward

Hi Nicole

A large problem with a finding a financial advisor that advocates property is that the financial advisor doesn't usually receive any commission if you buy a property (unless they direct you to a two tier marketing company). They are in the market of earning money and they get their pay cheque to live on by you buying a managed fund or such through their office.

Good luck on finding a financial advisor that willingly and openly advocates property as an investment source over the top of shares or a managed fund. If you do please let everyone here know about it.

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From: PT Bear

The last financial advisor I talked to stated, "I don't understand how people can become wealthy through property investment".

I showed him the door. Either he wasn't looking out for my interests, or he didn't know what he was talking about. Probably both.

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From: Gidget .

Hi Nicole,

I'm new to property investment as well and am still very much trying to learn the ropes. If you've already decided that property investment is for you, do you need a financial advisor? Have a think about the kinds of questions you need answers to - it may be there there are other professionals you should be seeking out instead of a financial advisor(ie an accountant to tell you how to structure your investment properties to maximise the tax benefits, a good broker to help you find the right finance and a good solicitor for all the legal guff). I'm still trying to find good ones of all of these myself. I think you're doing the right thing though - visit a few and check them out, and if they don't have investment properties themselves, then you should probably find someone else.

Good luck!

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From: Sam Vannutini

I believe I know one that advocates property, and can structure your plan to include IPs.
Call me on 0412 687 147 for details.
I am not authorized to put the name out in public.


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