Investment Institute dodgy scammer guy...

From: Mark Laszczuk

Maybe I'm being a bit pessimistic, but I've been going through all the posts (just caught up today!) and found the post relating to some guy being charged on property related stuff, and he was involved with The Investment Institute. Then, some guy from II got on the forum and claimed that he would answer peoples queries if they sent him an email. Someone then suggested he post the relevant details here, which I thought was a good idea, but nothing. Kinda makes me think, should people be wary of them now? Maybe I'm being overly cautious? I don't know - doesn't seem to be too concerned with clearing their name, maybe this will get a response? Here's hoping...
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From: Terry Avery

I find it interesting that the Investment Institute has cold called my wife
on two occasions, once for a property seminar and the second for a share
seminar. Cold calling is one of the practices that the Securities Commission
warns people to be wary of. It is not illegal as I am sure the folks at II
will point out and while their sales pitch may not be high pressure my wife,
a IP savvy investor, thought there were some logical inconsistencies in what
the caller was saying. Maybe they were simplifying for the uneducated to the
extent that it came across that way.

I too would like to see II's response made public.


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From: Sam Vannutini

If you are concerned about cold callers, then I have 3 handy questions that I use to sort them out:
1: How many properties do you have?
2: If your share trading system is so good, how much money do have invested in it?
3: Will you give me full disclosure as to how much commission you make from the deal?

Try that and see how you go.
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