Investment Planners in Adelaide

From: Ray Summerton

I am in the process of finalizing my third IP and things are now getting a bit messy in regard to future purchases (when & how much and with whom) I wish I could find a finance person in Adelaide skilled in the ways of Real Estate Investing to help me work out a short, mid, and long term plan. The Investment Planners all seem to be concentrating on the share market side of things which is not the way I foresee myself implementing my 7 year retirement idea. My Accountant recommends I see a Fin. Planner but can't recommend one, the only ones recommended by forum (acctnt & Lawyer) cant do it either. Yellow pages is too confusing. I'll just have to keep looking & hoping I guess. Me not being a figures man means I have difficulty doing it myself. How do you Adelaide Gurus do it? Any help will be greatly appreciated
Regards Ray
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From: Glenn Mott

Hi Ray,

I have a financial planner who has been very good to me, being like my conscience when I am either over-eager or falling into Chicken Little's traps. He is Perth based but does deal with clients all over the country.

Email me if you would like his contact details.

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