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From: Wayne Fusca

Hi All

I was wondering if anyone has any experiences with investment property companies, such as the following:

Australian Property Masters

The Investor's Club

Any experiences, good, bad and Ugly (sorry, watched the film on the weekend)would be appreciated. Also any other companies people can recommend would also be appreciated. Thanks!

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From: Sim' Hampel

Many people have had experience with these companies and their comments are right here in the forum. I suggest you use the search feature to track down one of the many discussion threads about them.

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From: Eric Williams

Interesting article page 9 in the Brisbane Courier Mail today (Saturday 9/2/02) on the Investors Club my be worth a read!

Eric W
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From: Scott Marshall

The investors club has helped me out with existing properties, and I have none with them. Thought I'd get the next with them to see how it goes, they claim that buying new properties in a group lowers the price for the group, and their finance claims 100% of rental income is calculated in loan afford ability...we'll see
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From: Michael G


Ask them how they fund their structure (which is quite big now).

Ask how;

- state managers are paid
- how group leaders fund their meeting facilities
- who pays for the newsletters

Not only ask how they calculate figures from a purchase price point of view and your tax bracket, but dig deeper and see how the deal is structured between the developer and club.

Michael G
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From: Rixter ®

It's really quite simple. They are in Business. Businesses survive by posting profits. Purchaser buys property. Part proceeds goes to vendor/developer and part proceeds go to the Investing Club or Organisation. Its irrellevent how much goes where within that particular identity, only where it goes need to be identified. Its your standard cashflow structure untilised in businesses worldwide.


Happy Investing,
Rixter :)
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$$$ - Investment Property Companies

From: Robert Forward

Hi Ross

Good on your helping other forumites out and saving them from the two tier sharks that though very diminished at the moment in QLD, are still around.

And even better that you found them a better deal.


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