Investment unit for sale - QLD

I own a unit at the Golden Door Health Retreat, Willowvale, QLD. I have recently relet it to the Cypress Lakes Group, who operate the Retreat, for 5 years with a further 5 year option. See for further informationon the Retreat

Rental Income is $1038 per month (indexed to CPI)
Rates - $440 p.a
Body Corporate - Approx $2500 p.a

Depreciation schedule available on request.

Price - $109 000 - $112 000

Additionally, the owner can stay at the Retreat for up to 4 weeks per year or attend a program at the Retreat (worth over $2000) every year. Rent is still paid while these options are exercised.


Adam - 0412 285 863
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Hi Rixter,

I have had it for 10 and half years and want to get access to the equity that I have built up, to move into my own house and look at some other areas to invest in.



It is 10 and half years old (I bough it new). From a lease perspective, the rent is paid regardless of whether the unit is occupied. Cypress Lakes Group runs the Golden Door Health Retreat for people to attend getaways from a couple of days to a case of a guy I heard of that has been there for 3 months (at $2000 - $2500 a week!).

Unit 4 is a 2 Bedroon, freestanding, unit that can.

From a business side, bookings have to be made 2-3 months in advance and from casual chats with the Financial Controller at the retreat the occupancy rate is in the 80% plus rate.
Excuse my ignorance, but I am confused. MS Word spell checker is ok with the word "repromulgate", but the thesaurus is not familiar with it. To add to my confusion, does not know this word. So I lifted my lazy bum and picked up volume 2 of a printed copy of The Macquarie Dictionary - still no luck, the word was not there. Checked all other dictionaries I have - still no luck.

So, what does this word mean?


Ooops - it must be one of those 'corporatised' words (that probably doesn't exist either) that has slipped into my lexicon.

In the context of this - I wanted to re-post it in this forum.