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    From: Mike .

    Investor Club / Property Investors Group
    From: Bill
    Date: 1/9/00
    Time: 3:48:04 PM


    I've read some good feedback on the Investor Club through the forum - a brilliant source of info! Has anyone had experience with Property Investors Group, who I think perform the same function as Investor Club but say they aren't affiliated with any builders? Appreciate any advice, or news of any other similar companies.

    Cheers, Bill
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    From: Mike .

    Article 326
    From: Trev
    Date: 1/19/00
    Time: 9:43:14 PM


    In my brief dealings with the investors club (yet to buy from them though) I have been impressed by the grass roots knowledge and research they do into the fundamentals - growth areas, population growth, salary levels, employment trends etc.

    Additionally, they also negotiatate purchase prices to provide approx 6.5% gross rental return in order to create postive cash flow (cost you no $$ per week). Incidentally, the rate on Camperdown unit is apprx 5.5%. They also provide alot of info regarding financing and accounting options. As i said I have had only brief dealings with them, but I believe they are well worth your 'independant' assessment. You can look them up on the web.

    Cheers, Trev
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    From: Mike .

    Re: Investor Club / Property Investors Group
    From: Klaus
    Date: 8/20/00
    Time: 3:38:58 PM

    Hi, My wife and I are new to investing in property and would like to meet/discuss opinions/experiences/viwpoints/tips/ideas with others. Any comments? Is there any club?
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    From: Mike .

    Re: Investor Club / Property Investors Group
    From: Wayne
    Date: 6/27/00
    Time: 8:54:06 AM

    Hi Bill,

    I previously purchased my first investment through the Investors Club.. Who at the time where the best thing going around.. However after continually searching for a bargain and quality product, as I regularly do, I found the Property Investors Group and have since purchased 4 more properties over a 4 years period using their system.

    Having attended over 150 different property investment seminars and continue to do so, i believe they are the best.. No expensive marketing or huge glossy advertisment which the investors actually end up paying for..

    Besides who else is honest enough to tell you only 2% of all property is suitable for wealth creation..

    I am so happy I know promote the group as a hobby. the bigger we (Property investors Group) get the bigger bargaining power we have with the developers and banks..

    And yes, you were right they are the only group not doing their own developments or "attached" to any builders. So you are guaranteed an unbiased opinion.
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    From: Mike .

    Re: Investor Club / Property Investors Group
    From: Kathy
    Date: 4/8/00
    Time: 7:00:41 AM

    The PIGs are a 'break-away' group from The Investors Club. If you ring 1800 811 619 you will receive information and support from The Investors Club. I suggest you go to a local meeting and make up your own mind.
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