Investorville - Property investment game

With all the property investment hype right now, Comm Bank has created a property investment simulation game -, which simulates buying and managing investment properties over a 15 year period.

While there are shortfalls with the game (eg I'm sure many of us could internally paint a house for less than $20,000!), it does give an idea about investment ownership (I've only had a 10 minute play right now).

I thought I would throw it out there for the newbies to get their head around owning and managing multiple properties, and for the old hands to see how much they could shave off the for sale price and see how much they could accumulate in the 15 year period.
They have had it for at least 2 years now. It is handy, teaches the small things like avoiding selling unless you have to and other important things.
Thanks, it was only just brought to my attention.

I thought it worth sharing, particularly for newer investors as it shows some details that may not be brought to light until later in the investment journey.