Invet Prop in Unit Trust Loan in Personal Name?


Does anyone know of any lenders that are doing Property in Unit Trust and the loan in personal name?

Apart from:

St George
First Mac

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Thanks for your comments.

WBC is out as its a Pty Ltd trustee, but Rams? now right in front of me, could be an option.

Thanks again

Richard and Stuart

You both know there is "policy", then there is retail flexibility, and then it does also matter what day of the week it is : ). The playing field is becoming progressivly more one sided, none more so than CBA service levels on retails vs 3rd party.

CBA 3rd party have never done HDTs or units in the past, retail most gladly. They have only just got their teeth around unit trusts with thud party.

NAB retail did a unit literally friday last week, but it would probably not get through if it wasnt TGIF day : ). Homeside we have found no appetite for HDTs either,

RAMS will but have to disagree with Rolf in NAB.

Told NAB wont look any any Unit or HDT Trust deals at the mo.

Have done this structure with NAB no problems.

RAMS in my experience will only do personal trustees in individual nemes.

CBA have a blanket policy against HTDs. You'll only get them through if you're lucky and they think it's a unit trust - unlikely in an individual name with a corp trustee.
Yes i have just done a Corporate Trustee with RAMS only a week ago.

Amazing isnt it that we all deal with the same end lender yet get so many different answers when dealing with individuals.

As Rolf mentioned "there is policy" and "there is policy".