Invitation to participate in UWS study on Do-It-Yourself investors

Researchers: Ms Lisa Perrone (PhD Candidate). Supervisors: Professor Margaret H. Vickers (PhD), Professor Debra Jackson (PhD).

Organisation: School of Management, College of Business; Family and Community Health (FaCH) Research Group, University of Western Sydney.

Details: DIY investors represent a significant force in Australia, and their numbers are expected to grow over the next decade; despite this, little research exists on this topic. In order to bring this under-researched topic into the scholarly spotlight, the University of Western Sydney (UWS) is conducting a study to explore the goals, motivations, and work-life experiences of DIY investors. If you are interested in sharing your experiences as a DIY investor, we would like to invite you to participate in a one-to-one, confidential interview (with a possibility of a second follow-up interview).

Participants required: We are seeking involvement from adults aged 18 years and over, currently living in Australia, preferably Sydney, who self-identify as a DIY investors. Participants may be actively involved in one or more forms of DIY investment (such as property or stock market investment) or have committed time and resources to learn how to undertake DIY investment through seminars, courses or via other self-education pathways. We are interested in interviewing people at all stages of their investment journey.

Outcomes: The responses collected in this study will be used to illuminate the lived experiences of DIY investors, and develop a framework for understanding this concept, and the related concepts of career, lifestyle, wealth and retirement. This study will also help raise awareness about the issues faced by DIY investors, assisting government and workplace practitioners develop processes and policies to better support the needs of this group. These insights will also provide guidance to others pursuing the DIY investment path.

Contact: For more information, or to take part in the study, please contact Lisa Perrone at

More information about the study can also be found at:
Hi JIT and Minx,

Unfortunately, no, I don't know Steve Keen. He resides within the School of Economics and Finance, while I'm located within the School of Management. I agree though. His commentary on house prices would make for some interesting debate on this forum.

Interesting idea for a study Lisa. Where will your findings be published?

Regards Jason.

Thanks Jason. I think so to - I am also a DIY investor, and was drawn to this study based on my own personal experiences.

The results will be disseminated in my doctoral thesis, and in publications, including journal articles and conference papers. I will be presenting my first paper in December at the 2009 Annual Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management conference in Melbourne. :)