IP - 8k's from city

I'm thinking of developing property in Ashfield WA. Firstly for income. (Value/Equity Second priority) Existing 3 bed x 1bath x 1 toilet. Considering building in addition to existing property:

(a) (2) 3 spacious bed, 1 huge bathroom/ semi ensuite, 2 toilet, double carport with outdoor entertianing area.

(b) 1 3x1 ( as above) + 4 bed family sized home

I was wondering if anyone could offer advice as to what to builld to achieve best yeild.
It really does seem to be very area dependant. Do your sums on the build costs and work out some comparable rentals to your options and you'll find your answer.

3X2 DG as a minimum, Linda - ANYWHERE.

3x2s with study/4th bed are a bonus and add real rental value - as do second living areas.

anything extran and above this and you're really wasting cash IMPO.
Trying to think outside the square, but yer I'll stick to the old faithful - 2 bathrooms. As much as I hate cleaning showers, it's nice having an ensuite. An old friend used to build houses with one huge bathroom with spa - but I think two smaller would be more versatile for rentals. Over the longer term and especially when rentals are in high demand you'd reap the benefits. Current rental market demand is low. I'm sure this listing has been there for weeks -

A property that we own has one large bathroom - not all cramped up - with room to move if you are sharing facilities - and two toilets.

This is the minimum I think.

I could have managed with one bathroom even when the kids were at home but two toilets is a necessity I think.