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From: Patrick Bruadair

A follow on query to the post below on carpets for IPs. I personally like the idea of polished floorboard, although I have reservations about potential damage (moving furniture, cigarette burns etc.), and resultant maintenance costs.
Which polished floorboard material/type is appropriate in the eyes of the experienced forumers?. Seems like installed cost can vary from $45/sqm to well over $100/sqm, depending on what you choose.
What about tiling (terracotta lookalike, laid at an angle for nicer visual effect)in the downstairs living areas?. Might be best from a maintenance point of view, but do tenants in general take to it?

thanks for all the great contributions on this forum.

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From: Jacque Parker

Why not try that vinyl lookalike timber flooring? Less maintenance, cheaper, looks good, easy to clean etc. Tiles are a pain if they crack or break- if you get them make sure you keep a box or two spare. Wooden floors look great too but I wouldn't go for that artificial floating floor (not real timber) as it scratches very easily. Have fun! Cheers, Jacque :)
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From: Jeremy Laws

Just do the wooden floors. One of my very, very good property managers are convinced that overall they are by a factor of about 30-40% cheaper than anything else. They also look the best. Added to that, fake Victoriana plastic mangy lino thingies look awful in comparison!
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From: Jay Hunter

Go the real thing. Carpet - slate - tiles - timber - floating floors... they all go in and out of fashion... but if your investing for the long term I wouldn't put floating floors down! I can imagine in 5-10 years from now, people will be saying: oh that stuff - what were they thinking back in those days!! at least if you go the solid timber it will always be a QUALITY selling point... even if at that point there is carpet over the top of it again...

just my thoughts
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From: Michele B

Do you have real floorboards or are you wanting to cover a concrete slab?

Polishing real floorboards is definitely the way to go if you have them - it's relatively cheap to do if they're not too cupped - great result and adds value to your IP....and yes cover them up later as fashion dictates! What I like about boards is that I can also check for termites and bounce round on my joists from time to time. Plus they are very low maintenance and easy to repair/refinish.

Have also used 2 sorts of floating floorboards - the Rowi system, a DYI plank-by-plank installation which features superb German machining. This has lasted surprisingly well but is not comparable with the real thing in terms of appearance and maintenance in the longer term. Also used a cheaper version recently which is obviously not going to last. If you really want the floorboard look but don't have the real thing, I'd maybe consider the lino 'lookalike' option - you see it in shops in high traffic areas and it looks OK.

My mum's house is all tiles - always looks and feels cold to me, even with the rugs we constantly trip over.

In the interests of economy and extreme low maintenance in a beach environment, I'm experimenting atm with a painty/limewashy finish straight on to the structafloor (chipboard) floors in a new house. Looks really good so far.

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