IP in NSW southwest

Hi All,

i just hear NSW is building 2 new stations in leppington and edmondson park? is that true? is it a good area for IP?
Why don't you call up the local council and find out? If it is true, then do some further research on your own to see whether the value of land and property's value will go up soon after these new methods of transport are built.

This is just my opinion but, if you find a bargain property where it's value is bound to increase 10-50% in the next 3-4 years. Don't make a thread saying "Should I buy this bargain property?". Although most of us won't either be bothered about or be descent enough to leave it alone. But at the same time you would be risking someone else finding about it and buying the property before you even get a chance to think about it.
i just want to know whether anyone knows about those areas as i dont have much information about those areas.......any suggestions/ideas will be helpful
Hi All,

i just hear NSW is building 2 new stations in leppington and edmondson park? is that true? is it a good area for IP?

Not wanting to sound pedantic, but this isn't located in South West NSW - but it is in SW Sydney.

It just seems that some people still think NSW is just Sydney.

hey gg, does sydney have a border / a map that shows where sydney ends? I don't think i've seen such a map

What a strange thing to say....I don't know if the above was said as tongue-in-cheek, or, as a genuine plea for assistance.

If it was said as tongue-in-cheek...

Let's back track a bit then - this thread it titled "IP in NSW Southwest" and i was expecting a discussion related to Griffith, Mildura, Balranald and possibly even Wagga areas. I opened it up and it is talking about suburbs in Sydney - which is definitely not in SW NSW.

There is a long history (and thought by us folk who live in and enjoy regional NSW), that many people from Sydney do not know about or appreciate the regional areas. This even includes the direction of funding from the NSW state government.

i was hoping that recent advertising by the regional areas for Sydney siders to get out of the city and to come to regional NSW may have ended this lack of knowledge. But it just seems from your comments that some Sydney siders still do not know about the state they live in. Oh well.

On other hand, if the above quote was said as a genuine plea for help, then your question whether a map exists that shows where Sydney ends could be answered by going to the ABS website. They would have a population map, or even a council jurisdiction map that covers the Sydney basin....The ABS website is a very good resource for those people who may want to learn more about the boundaries and population movements in our fair lands.


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