IP investors: "Children of Parents raised in the Depression"

Upper Class?

Actually I don't think that 'upper class' can be counted by the amount of $$$. It's more what your background is - what family you were born into!

It takes a few generations of being 'nouveau riche' - ie the self-made millionaire, before you can 'come up' a class !!!

This is what my English, upper middle class parents would tell me anyway <big grin>
I was listening to a radio show recently where people were ringing in with their favourite "tight-arse" or "frugal" story. My favourite was a man who said his grandmother's frugality was epitomised by a jar she kept in her pantry which was labelled "Little bits of string too small to use"!

With the modern knickers I am not sure there is sufficient material to put a pocket :)

Pockets were not unusual, at school we had to have navy blue knickers for gym and PE and they had to have a matching pocket.

It may have been an English thing - I grew up in the UK

Dad of course always made us the matching hankie

And NO I haven't put a patent on it

We were young and had no worries about lifting up the dress to get the hankie out!!

Chris.....then I say, bring back Witches Britches!


Good Lord NO Garry
Have you ever tried to get those things off in a hurry?
Originally posted by HermanZ
Good Lord NO Garry
Have you ever tried to get those things off in a hurry?


As this is a family oriented forum, I will not try to guess whether you were trying to remove tour own WitchesBritches, or those abelonging to nother person :D