IP used for film production

A film director has expressed an interest in using one of our weekender IPs for 3-4 days of shooting. There's expected to be around 7-10 cast & crew on site.

Are there any particular issues or gotchas to be aware of ?

I have a copy of their PL insurance. And I've met the director & am fairly certain it won't be one of 'those films'.
When our PPOR was used we had to have our insurer confirm their coverage as the cast and crew were "our guests onto the property".

We had no problems and they always cleaned up after themselves.

Just review the agreement and confirm when and how you will be paid and what happens to anything missing or damaged.
I've had a few shoots in houses over the years - and I used to work in advertising, so I've been on the other side lots.
Location fees for a film shoot can be great.
Take plenty of 'before 'photos, just in case there is damage (especially to polished floors).
Put away any valuable or fragile things.
Stuff will get moved around, but most will end up back where it was.
There will be more people showing up than expected.
Resist the temptation to be there.
Council permit. Most councils require permits to film - Most are very good.
Traffic - Craft services (food), lighting, wardrobe and makeup, power, sound, they will all bring trucks, vans etc + cars etc....They will effectively close the street.
TV commercials can be around $1,000 per day. Movies are usually less and stills shoots are less again - but with stills shoots there is usually less gear and fewer people.
I get approached about three times a year to use my Airbnb pad, but it's always booked. There have been a couple of stills shoots up there, but no commercials.