IP using Listed Property Trusts or Sydnicates?



From: Zen Zen

I'm a bit of a lurker here having read the forum from time to time since it's inception.

I was wondering the other day if there is a way to apply Investment Property techniques (such as Jan Somers' method) to Listed Property Trusts or Property syndicates.

The idea being that it removes you from management/maintainence issues while still using property as the vehicle and it's advantages such as depreciation allowances etc.

But then thinking about the cons-How would a bank approach lending for this situation? My feeling is that they would look at it in the same light as margin lending for shares (i.e. lower LVR due to no property title).

I guess ultimately the return would be lower than doing it yourself due to the fund overheads etc.

Any thoughts?


PS Another thought I had was IP done in the superannuation tax system. But I don't think personal super funds are allowed to borrow.
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