Ipswich for first IP

Hey all, my fiance and I are looking to buy our first joint IP in Raceview (Ipswich). She already has a 1 bdr IP in Bulimba that she's owned since 2009. We've been negotiating on a 3 bdr house in Raceview and the numbers definitely stack up from a CF perspective, but I'm wondering about the potential for CG in the area over the next few years.

The purchase price will mean we have enough capital left to fund a 3rd purchase later this year, versus sinking all our capital into 1 property that's more centrally located. We're eager to hold our properties long term, but need to see some growth with our initial properties to build our foundation portfolio. So what I'm wondering is...

What are people's thoughts on Raceview and the Ipswich area, vs the hotter areas like Logan and Nth Brisbane?
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Hi Of,

My views on Ipswich are that it will be slow growth for a while but will have a bit of a jump on the back of Brisbane growth. I think there is also still some flooding carry-over.

Once Brisbane prices increase to a level where everywhere seems poor value, the outer rings and nearby cities will experience a ripple out for growth.

This is what happened last time, and what I believe will happen again.

I bought an IP in Brassall (Ipswich) last year but more as an exercise to go through a small subdivision and build.

Probably the safer places for capital growth would be around the Springfield / Augustine hts areas, as that is where the significant infrastructure money is being spent. Things like:

- Extension of rail line
- New hospital : http://www.mater.org.au/Home/News-and-social-media
- New parklands (beach) being built
- Possible relocation of Brisbane Lions AFL
- New sporting fields

There is a lot of land in the area though, so the 'scarcity' factor will not kick in for a very long time. Its also a long way out from the Brisbane CBD!

Another positive is the long-term UDA for Ripley which is nearby.

Hope this helps.