Ipswich SEQ and mining influences


I am looking at a res block in Silkstone with an old house on it which is in an area that has underground mining influences. RE mentioned there is shaft at the back of the block.

I rang the council to get more info on this - they say I have to get a mining report done from an engineer to be absolutely accurate.

Has anyone dealt with this type of issue before or owns land in this area or a place with a similar issue? Got any idea how much a mining report costs or have a contact that I could call to get a quote for this area.

thanks BoatBoy - I have been on this site and had a chat to a planner at the council but they say the info on this site is not survey accurate and the only way to ensure I understand what I am purchasing is to get a mining report.
hey ricksta. We live in silkstone and supposedly are just outside a mining influence area (it runs through the house behind us back yard though ;) ), however, there are supposedly 100's of mines all over ipswich that haven't been catalogued and for all we know one could be under our house ;). We are in a queenslander on stumps and get a reasonable amount of movement due to the blacksoil. I would be reluctant to buy a low set brick in much of Ipswich for this reason, however, the queenslanders on stumps allow for a reasonable amount of movement. Sorry i can't help too much with the costs or contacts for the mining report costs
thanks jbk - thats good info -

I was only thinking of buying it for the land as the house is knackered. Was thinking maybe in the future of putting some type of new dwelling on it - which ofcourse would most probably have a slab foundation. The council planner I spoke to did say that posts are good becuase you can adjust them as needed :/

Maybe I'll let this one slide ":p
shame its 1000+sqm only a walk to the train station and shops with a motivated seller.

Just an update - Moreton Geotechnical Services quoted me $1325 for a mining report. This is the company that supplied the info which is on the Ipswich City Council PDonline system.